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Mount Nebo: An Archaeological Survey of the Region – Vol. II

Vol. II. The Early Bronze Age By Peder Mortensen, Ingolf Thuesen and Inge Demant Mortensen Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus 15 During six seasons (1992-1998) an intensive survey of the Mount Nebo region was accomplished under the auspices of the Franciscan Archaeological Institute at Mount Nebo and the Danish Palestine Foundation. It was followed by a brief […]

Klassisk arabisk litteratur i oversættelse til dansk

Klassisk arabisk litteratur i oversættelse til dansk: En litteraturhistorisk vejvisende antologi Af Stig T. Rasmussen En vejvisning gennem den klassiske arabiske litteratur, der har været oversat til dansk de sidste 200 år. Klassisk arabisk litteratur er en bog, der aldrig har eksisteret før på dansk og som udfylder en vigtig plads. 336 sider, hardcover, illustreret. […]

Palaeolithic stone artefacts from Moroccan Sahara

Palaeolithic stone artefacts from Moroccan Sahara In prehistoric time the World’s largest desert, Sahara, changed for every several thousands of years from being extremely arid, as it is today, to humid periods, where humans could live in savannah or forests.  The Stone Age population can be detected by the many stone artefacts spread over the […]

Eyes on a Street in Cairo

ISBN 978-87-997908-7-6 Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus 13 160 pages, hardcover with photographs Size 34,6 x 22 cm Peder Mortensen: Eyes on a street in Cairo is an art book with 79 black and white photos and documentation of one and the same street in Cairo – Sh. Al-Mu’izz li Din Allah – […]

Eyes on Syria

Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus 12 Pernille Carstens, Moritz Kinzel, Thomas Bo Nielsen and Lars Schmidt eds. ISBN 978-87-997908-3-8 Hardback: 144 pages with black/white photos Texts and captures in English and Arabic In 1961 three Danes, two of them photographers, visited Syria on their way to an UNESCO project in Sudan. The political […]

Water of Life

of the Danish Institute in Damascus 11 John Kuhlmann Madsen, Nils Overgaard Andersen and Ingolf Thuesen eds. ISBN 978-87-997908-2-1 Hardback: 200 ages Price: 250 DKK. This anthology deals with the meaning of water and invites the reader to expand his knowledge of one of the most important issues in the Middle East. Scholars from […]

Tall al-Fukhãr

Results from Excavations in 1990-93 and 2002 En del af serien Proceedings of the Danish Institute in Damascus (9) og fagområdet Arkæologi Redigeret af John Strange Med bidrag af Flemming Gorm Andersen, Pernille Bangsgaard, Patrick E. McGovern, Louise Westergaard Jensen, Niels Levinsen, Niels Lynnerup, Magnus Ottosson, Anders Rathman, John Strange og Heidi Mariendahl Underbjerg Recent excavations on the border between Jordan and Syria have uncovered ancient building ruins that provide […]

Shkārat Msaied 2014: Summary of results

By Moritz Kinzel, Khaled Hwawra, Pia Nielsen, Anne Mette Harpelund, Jakob Hellum, Mette Thuesen, and Ingolf Thuesen The Neolithic Site of Shkārat Msaied is situated approx. 16 km north of Petra/Wadi Musa in Southern Jordan. Nearby are several other Neolithic sites, e.g. Ba’ja, Basta and Beidha, on which the applicant has also worked in recent years. […]