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The Shubayqa Archaeological Project

By Tobias Richter This project investigates cultural and environmental landscape change in the Qa’ Shubayqa area of northeastern Jordan through archaeological surveys and excavations, as well as palaeoenvironmental studies. The Qa’ Shubayqa is a 12 km2 large drainage basin in Jordan’s northeastern Badya region. It is situated in the Harrat ash Sham basalt desert at […]

The Ritual Landscape of Murayghat

By Susanne Kerner The Ritual Landscape of Murayghat project includes a survey and excavation in central Jordan. The site of Murayghat has been mentioned by many early travellers and other passers-by, who describe the site and its surrounding in some detail, estimating that 150 dolmens would have existed up to the early 20th century. It […]